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University Communications (UC), a division of the UC San Diego Chancellor’s Office, is a one-stop strategic communications resource composed of four service units: Creative Services and Publications, University Communications, Special Events and Protocol, and Government & Community Relations. Primary points of contact are listed below. If you’re unsure whom to talk with, complete the contact form. If you’re a journalist and you need to contact a public information officer about a specific topic, please see the Media Contacts page.

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University Communications

Anne Buckley
Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
858-534-7572 albuckley@ucsd.edu
Patrick Riedling
Senior Director of Executive Communications
Caitlyn Woroniak
Executive Assistant to the Chief Communications & Marketing Officer
858-761-2587 cworoniak@ucsd.edu


Matt Hale
Executive Director, Communications Strategy
619-252-9239 matt@ucsd.edu
Heidi Yuen
Director of Operations and Editorial
858-534-4756 hlyuen@ucsd.edu
Aaron Borovoy
Business Manager
858-534-6840 aborovoy@ucsd.edu
Janet Howard
Interim Director, Content Strategy
858-822-2986 jehoward@ucsd.edu
Jessica Hutchinson
Director of Digital Strategy
858-822-1523 j1hutchinson@ucsd.edu
Amy Lipsitz
Director of Social Media Strategy
858-822-3353 alipsitz@ucsd.edu
Jessica Scherer
Creative Director
858-534-0358 jscherer@ucsd.edu
Lan Yao
Studio and Video Producer
858-534-4394 l3yao@ucsd.edu
Kate Shanks
Administrative Coordinator, Contact for Photo Scheduling
858-822-2172 kshanks@ucsd.edu
General Information 858-534-4754 publications@ucsd.edu

University Communications

Matt Nagel
Senior Executive Director, Public Relations
858-761-4410 mnagel@ucsd.edu
Laura Margoni
Executive Director, Internal Communications
858-822-2485 lmargoni@ucsd.edu
Mario Aguilera
Communications Director,
Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences
858-822-5148 maguilera@ucsd.edu
Christine Clark
Assistant Communications Director,
School of Global Policy and Strategy, Rady School of Management
858-534-7618 ceclark@ucsd.edu
Erika Johnson
Assistant Communications Director,
Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Diversity, Preuss School
858-534-9372 erjohnson@ucsd.edu
Daniel Kane
Communications Director,
Jacobs School of Engineering
858-534-3262 dbkane@ucsd.edu
Inga Kiderra
Communications Director,
Social Sciences
858-822-0661 ikiderra@ucsd.edu
Anthony King
Communications Director,
Arts & Humanities
858-822-7824 anthonypking@ucsd.edu
Leslie Sepuka
Associate Communications Director,
Resource Management & Planning, CFO Office
858-822-5309 lsepuka@ucsd.edu
Lauren Wood
Communications Director,
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
858-534-3626 lmwood@ucsd.edu
General Information 858-534-3120 marcom@ucsd.edu


Erin Shepler
Executive Director, Marketing
858-822-4414 eshepler@ucsd.edu
Jeff Grantham
Senior Director, Marketing
858-353-9754 jtgrantham@ucsd.edu
Diane Distefano
Associate Director, Marketing
858-534-9459 ddistefano@ucsd.edu

Special Events and Protocol

Jill Townsend
Executive Director
858-822-1574 jmtownsend@ucsd.edu
Darlene Schlueter
Senior Director
858-534-7835 dschlueter@ucsd.edu
Elizabeth Bradshaw
Event Specialist
858-822-6680 ebradshaw@ucsd.edu
Adrianne McCraw
Event Manager
858-534-6386 amccraw@ucsd.edu
Adam McKinney
Special Projects Manager
858-534-5336 apmckinn@ucsd.edu
Kymberly Epperson
Event Specialist
858-822-6680 kjepperson@ucsd.edu
Michaela Maselli
Events Assistant
858-822-3541 mmaselli@ucsd.edu
Nick Egan
Fiscal Coordinator
858-822-2122 ndegan@ucsd.edu
General Information 858-822-1400
858-534-1407 (fax)

Government & Community Relations

Kaitlin Chell
Executive Director,
Government & Community Relations
858-449-9737 kchell@ucsd.edu
Angela Philips Diaz
Executive Director,
Government Research Relations
202-974-6323 apdiaz@ucsd.edu
David Mier
Health Community Relations
858-333-1657 dmier@ucsd.edu
Rudy Murillo
State Government Relations
858-822-1509 rpmurillo@ucsd.edu
Denise Serrano
Local Government Relations
858-201-0715 d2serrano@ucsd.edu
Irma Martinez Velasco
Campus & Community Relations
858-534-6862 ivelasco@ucsd.edu
Anu Delouri
Assistant Director,
Community Planning
858-822-0150 adelouri@ucsd.edu
Kathleen Ritzman
Assistant Director,
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
858-534-4849 kritzman@ucsd.edu
Christine Castillo
Federal Government Relations,
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
858-822-3370 cdcastillo@ucsd.edu
Ian Clampett
State & Local Government Relations
858-414-1919 iclampett@ucsd.edu
Alyssa Helper
Senior Community Planner
858-534-3860 ahelper@ucsd.edu
Emmet Hollingshead
External Relations Specialist
858-822-0050 ehollingshead@ucsd.edu
Loressa Uson
Government Relations Analyst
202-974-6323 muson@ucsd.edu
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